All I Want For Black Friday

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Blessed Yule! Whatever you celebrate, we are getting there and, as is tradition in my home the day after Thanksgiving, the Christmas trees are up. Yes, I said trees (we have three—all in one room because the kid insists Santa won’t know where to leave the presents otherwise).

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For the first time in EVER, I am going Black Friday shopping. If all goes well, by the time this actually posts, I will be done and at home drinking hot chocolate and pretending the craziness of Black Friday never happened to me.

That being said… I’m excited about what Black Friday means to me because officially it is the end of one holiday and the beginning of the next. I love the winter season, period. Word is weather is gonna get rough around and including the South and I’m waiting for it with bated breath. Bring on the snow, bring on the cold, bring on the fireplace fires, the hot cocoa, the sweaters, the snowmen, the days tucked in bed because the roads are horrible. Bring it all on.

Most of all, bring on the holiday stories! This year I’ll read new ones and old ones—as I do every year. Short and sweet, happy and cute. I love all shapes and sizes of holiday stories—paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, and all. Bring them all on.

So… what are you looking forward to this After Thanksgiving Season?

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