In the Works

NaNoWriMo has kicked my tail this month. I’m a little behind, but I plan on catching up soon. For NaNo, I’m working on a submission call for an urban fantasy motorcycle club story I’ve (tentatively) titled Wicked Rite about Anson Sewell, who was born without the gift of the Firebred line (a line of descending from dragons) and Phineas “Wicked” Beckett—Azure Firebred, Seventh Dynasty MC vice president, and mate to Anson Sewell. Without magic, Anson has no idea Wicked is his mate. I’ll get all blurby the closer I get to needing one. Smile

I’m also working on another urban fantasy motorcycle club series. This one, I’m pleased to say, I’m writing with one of my very favorite authors of all time, Lexi Ander. We have fae, goblins, halflings, and badass humans in the mix—not to mention a bit of cloak and dagger. This series has been a long time in the making and we are super excited to have words on paper for our guys.

At the beginning of the year, Piper Vaughn and I will begin the third book in our Portland Pack Chronicles. I’m not telling who is next because, honestly, it’s a toss up. We love our guys as much as you do and telling one story before the next is difficult because, of the next two stories, Piper and I are dying to write them both… NOW!

On the solo front, I’m planning a bad boy series to work on after I wrap up Wicked Rite. Then a harlequin-esque standalone (maybe) about a hotel magnate and the dancer who tempts him. Not to mention the countless ideas that pop up that I have to write down so I don’t forget. Smile

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