Research and Chasing Rabbits

It’s strange to me how much can change in a year. I have been in love with this genre for years and years. My love of reading has only grown and evolved into this thing I call writing.

One of my favorite genres is paranormal, but when I began writing, I was crazy afraid of it. World building is scary. Magic and Shifting and the like are intimidating. And research is daunting. But the truth is I only needed someone to push me outside of my box to open my way of thinking. Since then, I’ve co-written two paranormal mystery books (complete with hedgehog and wolf shifters). I’ve begun planning an Urban Fantasy book with one of my all time (fangurl moment) favorite authors/friends. And I picked up a M/M Goodreads prompt which speaks to me in the language of sci-fi.

I was told a long time ago to write what you know. I’m not going to get into that philosophical rambling. My rule now is write what you research. All of those subgenres as well as anything contemporary demand research.

For my sci-fi book I’ve watched countless hours of Star Trek (the movie and television show), Japanimation, and The Tomorrow People (and I’m still disappointed that show is gone). I’ve read all different sorts of craft books on the subject and studied mythology as well as religion. For PB and PBN, I studied animal nature (which, btw, did you know wolves do not see monochromatic but are red-and-green color blind—thank you copyeditor), watched hours and hours of Bitten and Teen Wolf. Piper and I studied the heck out of our setting and the lives, habitat, and oddities of our animals. For the Urban Fantasy… well, you’re gonna have to wait and see.

My favorite research by far came today after a dancing scene came to my head. That’s right, boys and girls, Kenzie studied stripping. Not just any kind of stripping but the Magic Mike style (IRL, Hollywood Men *fans self*). And that leads me to this… the real reason I’m blogging today… Enjoy and until next time… The Try Guys…

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