Reading, Writing, and Staying Afloat

The weather is crazy out here these days. Floods like I’ve not seen in years, though living near the Arkansas River, it’s not uncommon to see such things. But it does get a bit surreal. So while it rains and the kid laments her indoor hours, I have plenty of time to read and write–which is exactly what I am doing.

I’ve taken on another prompt from the M/M Goodreads group. You can read it here if you’re a member of the group. There will be spaceships, friends to lovers, and a little bit of jealousy. I’m excited about this one. I’ve never done sci-fi.


I’ve also working on my Christmas story. There will be elves and candy canes and wassail. That’s all I’m saying. 


While both of those stories are very much in the works, I have been unable to get another out of my head, so yesterday I began putting pen to paper for a new book. This one is about the new doctor in town and the MC Vice President he falls for. I’m kind of obsessed with MCs at the moment. I love bad boys… so much. So I hope to do these guys justice.

And last but certainly not least is the most excitement of my times. I’m working on a super secret project with one of my favorite authors and friend. She’s coming down for a visit next week so we can piece together some more details and brainstorm the story. I can hardly wait! (More to come on this subject later.)

So while I’ve been writing, I’ve also been reading. I think I mentioned my obsession with MC Romance. So here are some of my recent faves in that category (which are pretty much all m/f right now) and a few of my fave recent m/m reads.


 Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde—This story was my first foray into MC Romance and the beginning of a beautiful love affair for between me and many fictional boyfriends. The story revolves around sweet, innocent, slightly naïve Marie and Horse, a brother of the Reaper’s MC. Theirs is a story of intrigue, push and pull, and smexy, smexy danger. This book is the first of the Reaper’s MC series . the entire series is fantastic.


Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan—This is the second book in the Undeniable Series. It’s sexy and sweet and raw. What I like most about this series and this book in particular are the brokenness of the characters and the ability to heal and find love while living a life of lawlessness and unrepentant badassery.


rough justice

Rough Justice by Sarah Castille—I’ve only finished this book and cannot wait for book two. What I love about this one is the lead female’s tendency to be strong and stubborn, how she separates herself from the old lady stereotype and cuts a path straight into an all boys’ club. Then, of course, I melt at the strong badass biker with a teddy bear center, who only wants his woman safe. I hope the next book is Dawn and Cade’s. Those two need some relief

On to my favorite recent M/M reads. sideline submission

Sideline Submission by Kora Knight—This is the third short in Knight’s Upending Tad series story is all erotica and smexy, smexy times. It’s completely, hands down raw sexiness with a touch of story, but not much. This series follows straight Tad into a bet that changes his life. While the entire series is created to leave the reader breathless (and yes, I’ve read all five books), book three is my favorite. With this one there is still the GFY trope mixed in with plenty of voyeurism. Yummy.


Healing Hunter’s Heart by Charlie Cochet—One of the book loves of my life is my dear Charlie Cochet. She writes the stories of my heart, which means she writes fun, sweet, awesome stories. This is one such book. HHH is the second in the A Little Bite of Love series. The first, An Intrepid Trip to Love, is a free story—a prompt from the M/M Goodreads 2014 set. Hunter and Ari are perfect. Torn apart by greed and hate, they find out what really matters and who is true in their lives.

a restored man

A Restored Man by Jaime Reese—This is the third book in The Men of Halfway House series, but can be read as a standalone. I read this story when it first came out and then last week I needed a story that was fun, sweet, and a little bit angsty so I turned to it again. Geez, I love this one. Perceived bad Boy, Cole, meets broken and not just a little bit damaged, Ty. Sparks fly from the get go and never fade in this one. I am dying for book four.

I’ve read a few more than I am head over heels in love with, but you’ll have to wait on those because they’re not quite out yet.

DSCN0680 (1)

Up on the reading docket:

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