Fresh and Clean… and Freshly Booked

Okee dokee, boys and girls. This very new, very inexperienced author is about to have her very first interview!!!! *cue high pitched squeal* I’m both super excited and extremely nervous, but I’m looking forward to this part of the journey!

Tricia and Heidi of Freshly Booked of the Writer’s Own Network (WON) on Blog Talk Radio have invited me for a guest spot this Wednesday, May 7 at 8:00 p.m. CST.

I’m sure they’re going to ask me groundbreaking, heart-stopping, stop-the-press kind of questions like Where do you find inspiration for your books? and Tell us about your muse. They’ll probably make me blush and giggle profusely. I’m sure there will be plenty of in-you-face questions to leave me stammering… plenty of uhs and ums with questions such as Do you have any new manuscripts you’re working on? or How do you get past writer’s block? Okay, well to be honest, I’ll probably stammer without being put on the spot. But that’s part of the fun of live interviews… right? Right?

To hear the answers to these questions and at least fifteen more, join me, Tricia, and Heidi on the Writer’s Own Network this Wednesday for a new edition of Freshly Booked.

I’ll post the link closer to the date. And yes, I think there’s even an open call line.

I hope to see you there!

freshly booked

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